It Begins


As of today, September 29th, I am registered for the Miami Marathon.

A daunting distance to be sure. As my first full marathon, I plan to track my progress. Think of this more like a personal journal chronicling my journey to the finish line (and all the shenanigans that happen along the way). Of course, comments and encouragement (even discouragement – is that a word?) is appreciated.

I doubt I’ll post after every single workout, but a good majority of ones as I explore what exactly it takes to make it through the training for this distance (preferably alive).

Currently I run 35-40 miles a week & have several races already planned that are close to the half marathon distance. Admittedly, I have no training plan at the moment. However, I am bothering members of my running group so that one of the coaches might create one for me. I’ll save any goals, besides finishing, for after I get that out of the way.

So the next few weeks at least should be relatively normal within my usual running schedule. I hope.


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