The First (Official) Workout

This morning I completed the first workout on my plan.

Technically, the plan started last week. However, my coach forgot about the race I ran on Saturday, October 8 (50 mile relay) & so my plan wasn’t appropriate for the needed race preparation. Surprisingly, I still had the correct amount of miles for the week, just not necessarily in the types of workouts I was supposed to have.

That said, I ended up going for the individualized training plan from one of the coaches. I have a 19 week plan (which includes 2 recovery weeks after the marathon) with target miles per week, planned workouts (hills, speed & long runs) & some include target pace. Many parts of this plan (especially the paces we’ve set right now) are subject to change as we figure where exactly I am and what I can do.

I’m still asking questions and working out the specifics of how the numbers on my plan translate to how exactly I should do the workout, but it’s overall pretty much settled. We’re just working out small details.

That said, I’ll be doing a hill workout (or what we Floridians consider hills) once a week to work on endurance. It’s a great workout to have & here I have to plan one instead of having them be a regular part of my workout like they would be up north.  For these, there’s at least a 0.5 mile warm-up and cool down. The area is measured out, so I will be doing 1 mile repeats in which each mile will have 3 hills.  Right now, my target pace for this workout is listed as 8:30-8:45 (per mile).

Total miles: 7.1

Warm-up & cool down: 0.55 miles each, total 1.1

Repeats: 6 x 1.0 miles – 8:39, 8:43, 8:48, 8:39, 8:35, 8:30

So all except one repeat was on pace. I felt pretty good for the most part, though the first hill on every repeat was difficult. The other 2 seemed easy in comparison. The pace itself wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t particularly difficult. I also didn’t stop between repeats for a rest or water. It was a straight 6 miles. I think it’s a good place to start as I work out the mileage. Though I suspect we’ll speed it up a bit later on.

I also suspect I was supposed to total 6 miles for the whole workout, not have 6 miles worth of repeats. However, that’s what an easier beginning for the plan is for. This way, I can work out scheduling conflicts and get all my questions out of the way before it gets difficult.

For a first workout (and in comparison to what I was doing before), it went very well and gives me hope for having a great (and injury-free!) training over the next 4 months as I prepare for the Miami Marathon.


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