Easy Days Aren’t So Easy

An essential part of any training plan is having easy days.

These are the days that allow you to log a few more miles while releasing the lactic acid in your muscles without the additional stress that comes with harder workouts.

The problem? When they say easy, they mean easy.

According to “the book,” my easy days that are 6 miles or less should be at a 10:00 minute per mile (or slower) pace. Going 6 to 10 miles? Slow that down to a 10:30. Once I go over 11 miles, the time slows down to 11:00. Now, note that these are my paces for days specifically listed as ‘easy.’ So no, my usual long runs are not easy. And admittedly, my coach doesn’t really expect me to follow those too closely unless I am really sore.

I actually find it way more difficult to follow the slower pace than to run the faster, ‘hard’ days. So that may be my real battle while training for this marathon.


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