The Joys of Cross Training

This is one of few times that I can truly say I enjoyed the cross-training.

A great way to do a workout that puts less stress on the body and normally works different muscle groups is by cross training. The options vary for many depending on your main sport and region, but for me cross training is often cycling or swimming.

Now since we’re technically supposed to be getting closer to the cold season (except, it’s still hot as summer here), swimming will be much less except for when I occasionally hit the indoor pool. Most of my cross training will come in the form of cycling. With a helmet, my Road ID and borrowing someone else’s road bike, I’m all set.

This past ride actually went pretty well. I only did 10 miles, which seems so short compared to all my cycling and triathlete friends. Normally it’s a bit of a struggle, but my higher fitness level now (as compared to before) apparently made it much easier. Also, I hate headwinds.

My big issue with cycling is that because you are on a bike, there’s a pretty rigid form. Only so much you can do about that. As compared to running, where you can have all kinds of forms. So I prefer the running form, as it feels much less restricted than cycling. But for good conscious and different muscles, I try to hop on a bike at least once every week.

This past week for my ride I managed an average pace or 17.72 MPH. That’s about 2 MPH faster than normal. On the one uphill portion, I even managed to not drop below 16. Yay!

I’m considering a few charity cycling events in the next few months, so I’m going to attempt to add more cycling days into my routine. Some days I’ll just have to bike and run, instead of just one or the other, though if I want to do that. Best of luck on that!


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