The Return

I’ve been horribly negligent in posting. The unfortunate truth is that I’ve simply had too much going on. But, the semester has ended and ‘winter’ break has begun.

Since it’s been so long since my last post, thre is a lot to say. First off, I’ve noe done the equivalent of two 18 mile runs. My mileage has been able to increase gradually without too much trouble or damage. This weekend I’ll attempt my first 20 mile run. I’m not really worried, since the building up of the long run has gone well so far. It’s just so long.

Now on to the fun stuff! On November 20th, I ran the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete and not only PRed (if not, there would have been a problem), but also broke my intended time goal. I was aiming to break 1:45. I ran a 1:43:47!!! Yay! Sadly, I missed placing in my age group by a mere 20 seconds, but my team took 1st place. Kudos girls!

I also made the spontaneous decision to run a half marathon with one of the girls in Largo this past Sunday, the 11th. Since I randomly decided the night before, I hadn’t really planned or prepared for it, so I didn’t know what would happpen. But apparently the first time wasn’t a fluke because I came in at 1:43:57! Glad for that, as it reaffirms my fitness level and has me hopeful for breaking 1:40 in the future.

So a lot h as happened. I’m sure I’ll think of more, but expect in the near future for some pictures and more posts. Less than7 weeks to Miami!


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