This past Sunday I ran my last, “long” run of 18 miles. That closed out my highest mileage week yet at 56 total miles. I got in an awesome pace run, a great speed workout at the track and my best 18-miler yet (which really isn’t that hard considering how badly 18-milers seem to end for me). Ending that week starts the process of taper, a period of reduced activity that allows your body to recover and prepare for the upcoming race.

As of this post, it’s only 10 days to race day. I’m equally excited (it’s been so nice having relatively shorter workouts) and nervous (which never happens). I’d say I’m subconsciously nervous – I’ve had some wacky dreams of things gone wrong (like forgetting my race shoes), but I myself don’t feel more than anticipation. Though I’m sure that’ll change as the race gets even closer.

The biggest factor? It’s so unknown. It was so reasonable to go run a 14 miler before my first half just so I knew I could do it. The sheer amount of miles makes that unreasonable for a full marathon. So instead, I’m left to wonder if my body, and mind, will be able to handle those last 4 miles. The difference between my longest run and the race distance. Yet at the same time, 4 miles seems like nothing after 22, so why shouldn’t I be able to?

Oh well, the lucky fact of work and school will keep me from thinking on it too much. Plus, preparations and silliness with members of my running group. Car pool caravan! Likewise, I’ve learned that my sister-in-law is coming into town to visit family and to see me race. I’m excited, as so far she’s only heard about my craziness, but not witnessed it.

So fingers crossed with 10 days and counting…


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