Testing – Are these legs working?

Yesterday was my last long run of 10 miles before race day. What makes this run important though, is that it’s a pace run. It’s a chance, a week before the actual event, to test out your hopeful race pace.

So after much training, some discussion and general debate, we’ve reached the decision to have me aim for a 3:45 marathon time. This equates to about a 8:35 average pace. Seems reasonable. However, some of my runs have indicated that I can do better than that. Admittedly, I’ll be quite happy with anything at all as a finish, especially under 4 hours.

But yesterday, I had a little more encouragement. My 10 miles at pace ended up averaging 8:22 per mile. If I can do that on race day, I’m looking at a 3:40 or better time. Wow! That’s kind of hard for me to believe, especially as my goal and general training was targeted at a 4 hour marathon.

Luckily, I have several members of my running group pacing in my general time slot from a 3:35 to a 3:45. So I hope between all of them I can settle into something that I’ll keep strong through the whole race.

As of today, 7 days to go! This time next week we’ll know whether I have the physical and mental strength to win this battle.


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