Physical Therapy: Complete

For two months, I’ve been benched by my doctor and physical therapist with very strict instructions. NO RUNNING! No high impact activities, no easy jobs. About the only things I had approval for were cycling and swimming. How I hate cycling.

But after 2 long months of struggle to strengthen the areas where I was weak and watching events like the Olympics inspire me to get out the door when what I wanted to do most was banned, I’ve been cleared.

Cleared to jog. Cleared to run. Cleared to get back in race shape. And that is exciting.

Unfortunately, I have a long road to go before I get to where I was. And likely a longer road just imagining it. After a week and half of being cleared, I’m still hanging around 2 miles a workout. But what matters it that I’m running. That I’m strong enough to start running again.

I hope that these months of limited activity and targeted exercises helps me where I need it. No matter how much I complain, I’m thankful to be given the chance to start running again. So I will. Little by little, agonizingly slow mile by slow mile. It may be a few months before I run a 10 miler with the ease and speed I did before, but I’ll get there. I’m nothing if not determined.


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