Thinking of the Long Run

I’m at that stage of not knowing what exactly to do. I want to sign up for a race, but I’m afraid to sign up for one that’s “too soon” in case I’m not ready for that distance when it comes around. While a 5K or 10K would be fun, those are more races I chose to run the day before (for the most part).

I don’t want to sign up for something super far away though (such as a half or full marathon) because while that gives me plenty of time to prepare, I don’t want to push myself.

This is all about the long run. That I will be able to continue running the distances I want – from a 5K to a marathon – for more than just the next year. It’s about longevity. As one of my running buddies said, this is about enjoying the act of running for many years to come with a minimal amount of trouble and pain. So I’ll take it slow. I’ll wait until I feel comfortable to consider a race and if I get antsy waiting for a long one, well then that’s okay.

I’d rather miss a few races now and have many more later in life, than have a couple races now that stop me from enjoying running in the future.

So yeah, it is about the long run. Not just the long runs.


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