I Am Unofficially Officially Signed Up

So in an effort to steer my running back towards where I would like to be, I’ve decided to sign up for a race. Nothing big, just a 5K. And it’s not super soon, but over a month away on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Plenty of time, I hope.

Originally I was undecided, but while I’m running and mostly motivated, I’ve yet to sign up for anything. I have no small or big races even being considered (besides this one) in the future. There’s too much uncertainty to aim for a half or full marathon. Once I’m further along and stronger, I definitely plan to pick up the random 5K and 10K (which will be my first). But otherwise, nothing.

I wouldn’t really say I’m lackadaisical about it, but having a race planned gives me a definite goal to work towards. And of course, I have a vague thought to run the Gasparilla Half Marathon in March if I’m still in this general area at that time (I want to be, but I hope not at the same time).

So in an effort to help me along and kick start myself, a 5K will be run. Better get to training then…


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