A New Year & A New Start

Things have been a little crazy in the ‘real life’ sector, so running has once again fallen on the wayside. However, a new year brings new determination to run my second marathon. As such I’ve jumped back into pre-training and have already logged over 15 miles to get me started.

I’m not going anywhere too fast. Anything less than 3 miles is sitting pretty comfortably at about a 9:00 per mile pace, but distances up from that range more towards 9:30 per mile. While it feels and looks slow, I’m glad it’s not any worse than that.

Starting training again is probably one of the hardest things to do. Not so much because it’s hard (though it is), but more because I remember where I was before the doctors put me into physical therapy and it will be a long road to get back there. On the bright side, I have lots of friends and motivation to help me along the way.

Also, I’m planning to go ahead and sign up for a marathon, likely in the fall, so I have money paid and a set goal to work towards. A friend does charity work with running and in conjunction with the charity Little Things for Cancer, is offering bibs for the Marine Corps Marathon if enough money is raised. Each person needs a minimum of $750 to qualify for their race bib. Any more than that gives you the opportunity to get a little reimbursement for travel.

The 38th Marine Corps Marathon is on October 27th, 2013 in Washington, D.C. It’s one of the races I’ve always wanted to do because of where it is. The course takes you through most of the city and past all the major landmarks and memorials. Many run it leisurely to take pictures and while it is tempting, I’d much rather run the race seriously. Even if it will be cold and full of hills.

The current plans aren’t too much. I’m waiting to hear more back from my buddy before I fully commit, but I imagine you’ll see something from me soon saying that I’m in. Until then, I’ll just keep running and maybe pick out a 5K and a half marathon to help me along the way. And I plan to better blog it this time.

Excited for an awesome 2013 full of races and goals!


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