Where To Go From Here

I’ve started back into running, though no serious training so far. About 20-25 miles a week at the moment, what with life getting in the way. I’ll be road tripping cross country starting next week as I move myself out to the west coast. It’ll be an adventure to get there and a greater adventure to start training in the dry air and hilly terrain of San Diego.

The question is: where do I go from here?

I want to set goals, but I’m not quite sure what to set. Do I just sign up for a marathon and hope my life settles out before it happens? Part of why I’ve been so uncommitted to much of anything, much less my running goals (outside of when I was banned from running), over the last while is because of that uncertainty. I would hate to prepare mightily for something like a marathon, only for life – not an injury – to get in the way of it.

Seeing so many of my friends complete events in the last couple of weeks (Ragnar Relay and the Disney Marathon weekend) has me longing. I know my life is at a different place than theirs, but it can’t stop me from wishing. Yet each time I read another post or blog about what race they’re signed up for in the future, I get jealous. I want to be there, running those races and settled in my life that I can do so comfortably instead of making my head hurt wondering if now is the right time.

I guess sometimes you just have to jump without looking where you’ll land. With so much else happening, I’ve been too afraid to do it. But maybe it’s time to let go and embrace the unknown? Maybe it’s time for me to sign up or shut up. Words to think on I believe.


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