Running for the Little Things for Cancer Charity

It’s official. I’m raising money for the charity the Little Things for Cancer.

And if I reach a minimum amount, I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27, 2013.

Super excited for so many reasons! First off, I love being involved with charities. I’m actually on a team of 25 people aiming for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) and raising money for a great charity at the same time.

The Little Things for Cancer (TLT4C) raises funds for “improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their caregivers.” I’ve had family and friends with cancer. Some have beat it and unfortunately, some have lost that battle. But the want to help them, both patients and caregivers, is an amazing thing. Knowing that others are aware of your struggle and want to help can be the biggest spirit lift of all.

250px-MCM_LogoThe MCM also means a little something extra to me. I am the only civilian in my immediate family. Both of my parents are retired Air Force and my brother is currently an active duty Marine. Since I started even toying with the idea of running a marathon over 2 years ago, the Marine Corps Marathon has been on my mind.

I love the location. This race is in Washington, D.C., with the course passing many of the monuments and memorials that make up our capital city. It finishes at the Marine Corps War Memorial. And it’s not an easy race. The course is hilly and I’m told a true beast in it’s own right. Passage to the finish line is a battle worthy of what this race represents.

I want to do this. I want to finish for myself, but also for my brother. We never quite got along as kids, but things are different now that we’ve grown up. It’s hard sometimes to show it, but I’m proud of who he has become. This will be a race for charity, but it’ll also be a race for my brother.

So do me a favor and spread the word. Help me raise that $750 so I can run this race! And of  course, my training journey will be chronicled here.

My donation page. Click to read my story and make a donation.

Learn more about TLT4C here. Interested in the charity? Here’s their page.

Read about the MCM here. The MCM site talks about the course and the history.


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