What To Take When You Travel

Hardest decision ever when running related.

I am currently moving across the country. My living situation to start with is temporary (by choice), so I’m taking as little with me as possible. However, running gear is a necessity. The hardest decision I’m having is what exactly should I take. What gear? What clothes? Which shoes?

Seems silly, but since I’m attempting to limit my luggage, all 5 pairs of shoes can’t go. I usually struggle just as much for short trips. Yes I will run when I travel or go on vacation. But again, taking all 5 pairs of running sneakers is a bit much. So weigh the pros and cons of this shoe over that one.

Usually I try to plan around what kind of running I believe I’ll be doing. In this case, since I’m planning to get settled in permanently in the near future and come back for the rest of my stuff, I have to take into account the amount of training I’ll be doing in the meantime. Yes, I won’t jump into full on marathon training until June/July. However, my plan is to get back into pre-training shape between now and then.

And by pre-training, I mean 35-40 miles with at least one speed workout and long run (10+ miles) a week. Assuming that schedules work out, I hope to throw a couple races of the half marathon or shorter variety in as well. So after much thought, I’ve made a decision.

First off, I’m taking my oldest running shoes and I’ll start with 2 pairs. Trying to be practical in that by choosing the oldest, once I hit their mile maximum on my feet, instead of bringing out 2 pairs that are pretty old I’ll instead have 2 pairs that are much newer (in comparison). Hopefully I’ll be fully settled before the first 2 pairs need to be retired, but I also like to plan just in case.

The area I’m going to has a relatively mild climate. However, there are some elements I might not be fully prepared for. As such, I’ve decided a firm mix of about half my running clothes will go. If more are needed, that’s something that’s quite easy to ship.

And finally because I’m paranoid, all of my safety gear will be going. The Road ID, the reflective vest, pretty much anything that would qualify as gear and doesn’t fall into the clothing/shoe category is going with me. I’ll just feel better about having things concerned with safety already with me.

It probably sounds crazy to be so concerned about my running gear of all things when packing. But running is such a huge part of my life and I don’t want it to fall on the wayside just because I’m changing my location. Especially as I aim for the MCM.

Oh well, a few days off from running while I move is a small price to pay. I’m excited for the new running opportunities I’ll have!


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