I’m In

inSo a company I found and follow on Facebook called “I Love To Run” (whose page you can visit by clicking here) has sent out a challenge to the runners who follow it. Run at least 1 mile every day in March. What else could I do but say “I’m in!?”

Besides being something fun to do (and a way to challenge people to donate to my TLT4C page), I see it as a great way to give myself a goal for the month of March. Not that I wasn’t going to run anyways, but mixing regular runs in with 1-2 milers on my ‘rest’ days will help me stay on track.

And on those days when I want to be lazy and not run, I’ll think of the challenge and run anyways.

This may seem a little crazy, but goes back to my post about timing. Since my target race is so far away, I have plenty of time where I can be ‘distracted’ and end up not running. Life just sometimes gets in the way. In an effort to combat the chance of that happening, I like the idea of giving myself a goal for the month to work towards.

I can’t wait to see what my monthly total for miles in March will be.

And of course if you’d like to check it out and maybe join yourself, here’s the Facebook Event Page: March “Run Every Day” Challenge.

As a side note, I absolutely love these guys and their FB page. That’s how community management and social media should be used! I check out their page every few days (if not every day) to see what they’ve posted, give likes, and comment. I feel like their focus is being involved with the running community and their secondary goal is to sell their merchandise. That’s such an amazing feeling to get from a company these days—especially over the internet.

When I’m ready to get some more awesome shirts, hoodies, and a gone running sign, I’ll be more than willing to give my money to them.


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