Challenge Complete

Remember that post a little over a month ago? The one about taking part in a Facebook challenge to run at least 1 mile every day in March? Done. Complete. Running achievement unlocked!

training31 straight days of running for a total of 158 miles.

I feel so ridiculously accomplished right now. By challenging myself to do this, I managed not only to get my highest mileage month since the marathon but also get closer to being ready for marathon training. (Though the image makes the past year look pretty bad, but I blame injury and physical therapy for that.)

More than anything, it feels awesome to know I ran every single day in a month. And not a short month either. A full 31 days and with no run shorter than 2 miles.

As a result I’ve reached a goal or two I set for myself in building up to marathon training. I averaged about 35 miles a week. This is a good starting place in my opinion. Also thought it would take much longer to build up to that. Admittedly, there’s still work to be done on my speed but already having the mileage with 2+ months before I enter training has me super excited.

Plus running a race that wasn’t a 5K. Nothing wrong with 5Ks, but I feel like spending my time aiming for a short distance when I want longer ones messes up the priorities. If I train for a half or full, the shorter distances should pick up as well assuming I stick to speed training. Ran my 5K PR a couple weeks after the marathon. So I’m glad I was able to get a 15K in and add another dimension to my challenge.

Add to that, running EVERY day. Granted I definitely recognize the need to take rest days which is why easy 2-3 milers did exist across the month. Yet I’ll never feel bad about a rest day again. Totally took the first off just so I could relax.

Below I took a couple of screenshots of the stats. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to show just March, but you get the idea. Run on!



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