Ideal Temps

Today was one of those days. The temperature maxed out at 57 degrees with a mostly overcast sky and a steady wind hanging around 10 MPH.

As a runner, I consider this pretty good weather for my usual exercise routine. Just running with no goals and no Garmin on brought me in for about 5.5 miles in just under 50 minutes. Clothes were shorts and a long sleeve sweat wicking top. As training days go, this one felt pretty good.

My ideal temperatures probably sit in the 50-55 degree range as is. Of course, things like whether it’s sunny or overcast, windy or no wind, all determine if I want those numbers to go up or down. Sunny out with no wind? Could probably ease those down into the high 40s. Windy and overcast means mid to high 50s wouldn’t be a problem. Get much farther above or below those numbers and things get a little more difficult.

The cooler temps require more gear and can be more difficult to handle for me. This may rely on the distance I’m planning to run, but longer distances inherently have more risk because my body temperature doesn’t jump up as much or stay elevated the same way it would for something like a 5K.

The temps becoming too warm brings in concerns about too elevated a body temperature and replacing the liquids you’re losing. Yes, you still sweat when it’s cold but not nearly as much so the replacement schedule need not be as harsh. During a run I won’t need nearly as much water in the mid 50s as I would in the mid 80s. On this topic though, it is important to remember proper hydration before and after the run.

I find this thought interesting as it varies widely from runner to runner. Mostly due to where they live and usual running conditions they battle, but interesting nonetheless.

Let me know what you consider to be ideal running temps because I have heard some interesting answers in the past.


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