Traveling and Training

A hard to tackle problem is how exactly to keep going about your training when you travel.

Now in some cases, it’s a lost cause. For example, my travel plans in June feature a 5 day trip for a trade show. While this normally isn’t an issue, this particular event requires early hours and late nights—I often just forego sleep to get things done. So for that trip, I’ll just expect not to run. If I get the chance, fantastic!  But I won’t be disappointed if I don’t because I’ll expect that going in.

Most other times, I try to plan my training as part of the trip. Going to see grandma? We’ll leave at 9AM which gives me time to get up at 6AM for a 10-miler. My best suggestion?

Plan your runs as part of your travel.

Include exercise as part of your itinerary. Make sure the people involved (say if it’s family) know that you need to have scheduled time for workouts. Planning your exercise with other activities and making sure people are aware of your plans makes it easier.

Most recently I flew back to Florida for my grandmother’s birthday. I haven’t been able to attend the get-togethers for it for the past couple years. I let my family know that I planned to run as well—which I generally scheduled for the mornings. Granted, I have the benefit of going back to a place where I know other runners. Plans were made to make a couple group runs with my old running group. But still, I was able to get some (though not all) of my training done while I was out of town.

Even if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, check with your hotel. Some will have information about exercise options. Most often, your best bet will be the hotel gym. But in some areas, there are other options.

When I visited Seattle 2 years ago for an expo, the hotel I stayed at actually had little cards—credit card size—that showed 2 routes of different lengths from the hotel for runners. All I had to do was ask at the front desk. With that, I planned 2 runs during my 3 day stay in the early AM before I headed out to the expo. Easy as pie.


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