Cross Training

Cross training is your friend. Checked out a community center pool in the area that lets you swim laps for $5 a day.

While I love running and my swimming form sucks, I adore being in the water. Added to the fact that it’s been ridiculously hot here (80s-90s), it was nice to do something different and hop in the pool for some laps.

Now I did run earlier in the morning and got a 7 -miler in. Then took a short break to have a snack and re-hydrate. I swam 1200 yards and totally forgot a watch. I think it was about 45 minutes, but I really don’t know. Probably could have looked at one of the clocks they keep there by the pool.

Hardest problem I have with swimming besides my form is getting into a comfortable breathing pattern. Regardless, I got some good time in the water and it felt awesome to use some different muscle groups.

Hoping to go swim at least once a week and maybe I’ll work things out so I can start biking too for even more cross training. If you’re a one sport kind of person (aka not a triathlete), taking days to enjoy other sports is not only good for your body but also your mind. Maybe one day I’ll finally do a triathlon, but at the moment I just enjoy cross training for its benefits without any related race plans.


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