The Training Plan is Here

planA couple weeks ago I hit up a member of my running group in Florida who had coached me for my first marathon.  He was kind enough to agree to write up my plan and coach me again.

Now when I say coach, it’s a pretty loose system. He crafts a training plan based on where I am, what I want to run for the race (time goal, etc), and how long until then. Then I send weekly updates with how the training for the past week went. I’ll give total mileage, how I felt, whether I hit the targets (pace or otherwise) for each of the workouts, and whatever else I want to say.

Races are included in the plan and we use finish times for those to gauge any changes once it’s started. If I have questions or want to make modifications, I just hit him up. Otherwise, it’s pretty much on me to follow it and prep for the race.

Luckily, I’ve been working my running schedule in preparation for this training. Tempo work, interval work, and long runs trying to be at about the target I imagined I’d need. For the marathon, the training plan is starting 18 weeks out from the race (which is pretty normal, as usually it’s 4 months with most of the people I’ve run with). So I’m a little less than a month from officially starting it (late June).

I’m excited looking over the schedule and a little nervous too. I’ll max out a couple weeks before the race at 60+ miles and have 4 x 20+ mile long runs. It’s a tougher program than I ran before, but we have a better idea of what I can do with a marathon and I have a faster goal this time.

Not that it wasn’t real before, but actually getting the plan has turned on the competitive spirit. I’m ready to do this!


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