MCM Training: Week 1/18

Week 1 of training for MCM complete! Only 17 to go.

Total mileage: 47

Running miles: 37

Cycling miles: 10

First week of training went well, though getting workouts in around some crazy rain was fun. Dealing with A/C repair and other such stuff made it so my cross training on the road bike was less mileage than I originally planned (only 1 day instead of 2-3). Hoping to change that for the coming weeks.

Overall this is a relatively easy week, especially to start. The plan is meant for the first couple weeks to start building the base, so besides the long run I’ve already been doing what I need. That makes this just a little bit easier, for the next couple of weeks at least.

So I’ll probably play with several different formats for these weekly training recaps (feel free to let me know what you like). For now, it will be simple with details on a couple specific workouts and then just an overall feel for how the training went.

Tempo Run: 5.3 miles

Three middles miles at pace (plan says around 8:20). Pace mile splits – 8:22, 8:22, 7:58.

I was a little slow on my warm-up as muscles were still a bit tired. But once I got myself settled into pace this one felt easy. Humidity (as I’m currently in FL) was a little rough, but as this one started at 6:45AM it wasn’t too hot yet. Of course, by not too hot I mean it was about 75 degrees.

Interval Workout: 5 miles

4x800m (1/2 mile repeats) @ 3:27, 3:25, 3:24, 3:24

Consistent, yay! Ridiculously hot even though the route was surrounded by storm clouds. It didn’t cool off with a breeze or hide the sun until after we were done. Half mile repeats are generally my standard interval speed work whether I’m training or not. Since this is the workout I’ve been doing once a week for a couple months, it wasn’t too difficult. Warm up and cool down miles were a blessing though at a nice and slow pace.

Long Run: 12.09 miles @ 9:08 pace

First long run of the plan was a 12 miler and it’ll also be nearly the shortest (except for a 10 miler the weekend before the race). Felt pretty awesome during this one. Tired at the start, but having my e-caps kept me solid. The heat by itself isn’t bad, it’s the humidity that makes it killer for me. Definitely going to be careful and make sure I’m hydrating for this whole summer training thing. No issues with this run, except that I probably would have been smarter to get the extra miles in beforehand instead of after the 6AM start (route with this group is a base 10.4 miles). But even then, no issues. Calves were a little tight in the afternoon, but nothing compression sleeves didn’t help with.

For an intro week to an 18 week plan I think this one went well. It’s not too much different from what I’ve been doing the last few months. The next few weeks will be similar with gradual increases in mileage, mostly on the long run. It’s around week 4/5 that the numbers will really start jumping. I’m excited with how well it started and hope the rest of the training follows a similar pattern. Only 17 more weeks to go until race day!


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