MCM Training: Week 2/18

And another week done! At this rate 18 doesn’t seem so far away.

Total Mileage: 55

Running Miles:  38

Cycling Miles: 17

Week two was essentially the same as week one. Only difference was in my long run, at least on the plan. Otherwise, I’m working on incorporating more cycling for cross training purposes. Also nearly every day I do a mix of exercises for my knees and strength/core exercises just for general upper body fitness. Trying to round myself out more for overall body health versus the running only that I did for my first marathon.

Now on to the workouts!

Hill Repeats: 5.8 miles

Got an extra long warm-up for this one as it had been raining all day. Actually, the entire workout was done in the rain (no lightning or thunder thankfully). As such we had to take a round about way to the start or risk getting stuck in mud. I had 3 one mile hill repeats at pace (8:20); managed to do them faster with 8:11, 8:02, 7:57. It was so the rain that made me that fast. Felt solid the whole time and enjoyed seeing so many out even with the not so great weather (16 people!).

Intervals: 5 miles

4×800 – 3:28, 3:26, 3:34, 3:20

So the third repeat was off, but not sure by how much. I was messing around with the Garmin and had I’m guessing 3-5 seconds on it with me just standing around. Felt good to get out early on the 4th and get this workout done (6:30AM start with some others so we could be done before celebrations and parties started). Had Beka from Rebecca Roams with me for the first 2 repeats and one of the guys got pulled along on all 4 (much faster than he planned haha).

Long Run: 14.48mi @ 8:59 pace

Whew, glad to get this done. While I’ve done 10-12 pretty regularly for the last few months, this is the first time after I was cleared to run (Sept. ’12) that I’ve done 14. Wasn’t quite sure how my legs would handle it. Felt pretty good for the bulk of the run. The early 4 were a bit fast as we wanted to be back in time for the main group start at 6AM, but didn’t strain me too much. Then the 10 mile loop was solid. I really only started to feel the tiredness and strain in the last mile or so, but even then it was pretty light.

During the long run, I tested out an energy gel that was okay but still a bit too syrupy/heavy for my comfort. It’s always good to figure out what fueling options work for you during lengthy exercise early in a training plan. Not just so you’re prepared on race day, but also so as not to struggle through the longer training runs. I have a couple different kinds of energy gels and non-gels (sports beans anyone?) that I’ll be testing out on my long runs over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully by the time I hit an 18-miler I’ll know what I like best.

I was a bit more tired around workouts likely due to adding in more cycling miles. However, I hope that by making it a regular habit to cycle 2-3 times a week I can get rid of that fatigue. And since it’s summer, need to be extra careful about drinking water. Noticed feeling a bit more dehydrated on a couple runs than I should have. Overall this week went just as well as the last. Even with the crazy heat and lots of rain.


2 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 2/18

  1. Great job 🙂 Thanks for the 2 repeats hehe. I felt a bit dehydrated on the LR too. I actually made a detour to get back to my car around right at 10mi so I could get water and then finish up my last mile or so near it.

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