MCM Training: Week 3/18

Another one bites the dust! 3/18 complete means I’m 1/6 of the way through. That sounded so much closer in my head…

Running Miles: 44

Cycling miles: 19

Hill Workout: 5.23 miles

3 miles at pace – 8:05, 8:18, 7:57

I’ve noticed on anything that requires repeats (hills and intervals) that my first mile at pace is always too fast. As you can see from the mile splits above (I’m supposed to be at 8:20). It felt (and likely was) extremely hot and humid this past Monday. I really needed to be better hydrated for this run. Added to that I was at the bike shop longer than I had planned, so I didn’t get a pre-workout snack like I was planning. So while I was able to complete the workout, I came out feeling pretty wrecked from it. Outside of being better prepared for the heat, the only workout related struggle was maintaining the correct pace.

Intervals: 5 miles

4×800 – 3:24, 3:32, 3:29, 3:19

And starting the first repeat too fast strikes again. In this case it’s my Garmin that threw me off. It was showing a pace of like 7:05-7:10, but repeat time was faster. On the second repeat, pace was at like 6:50-6:56 and yet was slower. So confusing. While the splits weren’t as close as I would have preferred, my legs felt fine and I settled into an effort level that I felt I could have done several more repeats. Hopefully I’ll be able to channel that again later in training.

Long run: 16.08 miles @ 9:17 pace

Little bit slower this week, but that was by choice rather than feel. Did the early 3 with one of the newer girls training for her first marathon (and so at a slightly slower pace). We made it back to start with the main group at 6AM and I latched onto one of the guys who usually runs a bit faster than me, but was going for 12. Figured I could run with him and then throw an extra mile on at the end. Pretty nice morning out, though we did end up being a little slower on the miles by about 5-10 seconds. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but I could have picked the pace up a bit for closer to 9:00/mile no problem. We got back to the start with me needing another mile, which I did at a 8:30 pace.

I was a bit surprised as I expected the long run to be a little more difficult just because until training I haven’t really broken 12 miles. Again the week felt pretty solid. Had to make some adjustments for things like taking part in a Run for a Cause on Thursday, but I just did my speed work in the morning. Also got in a little bit of cycling. The one thing I’m noticing over and over is the hydrating. Going to start carrying around a gallon of water or something to be better about it. On a side note, tried the sports beans instead of a gel on the LR and that was way better for me. Not nearly as heavy and the lack of syrupy-ness was nice.

So that’s week 3, now onward!


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