MCM Training: Week 5/18

Annnndddd week 5! That’s somewhere between a 1/4 and a 1/3 of the way through. I think…

Running Miles: 45

Cycling Miles: 5

Hills: 6.25 mi

4×1.0mi – 8:16, 8:08, 8:19, 7:52

I felt like I was running much slower than I was for these. My legs just felt tired and it of course was hot out.  Especially during the last two I was going a bit too slow in the first half, so I had to push a bit harder in the second half to try and make pace. And the time on that last repeat was totally unintentional. I thought I was running closer to a 8:30. Oh well, workout done even if I was tired. I’m being careful to watch my post run recovery to make sure I can keep up the training.

Intervals: 5.5 mi

5x800m – 3:24, 3:34, 3:20, 3:32, 3:21

Ugh, this workout was so horrible. While I was all over the place swinging back and forth, it was more how I felt. When I got out there I was fine and all pumped up, but once I got started it just sucked. By the time I finished the second repeat I was already in the mindset that I didn’t want to be out there doing this speed work. One of the guys, Chris, gave me the “just do one more” which consequently led me to finishing the workout because I’d feel like a slacker if I didn’t. It was probably more the mindset than anything.  Plus training has been going so well that I’ve been expecting a bad workout to happen at some point. Now it did and I can go back to having great runs.

Long Run: 14.48 @ 9:06 pace

After intervals, decided to actually take Friday off and not do any cross training. That way I could come into the Saturday LR and have an good run. It was super muggy out and kind of gross, but it went well. The early 4 were mostly by myself, but I managed to stay pretty close to 9 min/mi. Spent most of the 10 mile loop running with one of the girls, which was a bit slower in the 9:15-9:20 range (for the most part, had a couple slower ones). But I hydrated well, made sure to actually use the e-caps, and had fuel for each water stop. About 2 miles from the end, I decided to pick it up a little bit to bring the average down. One of the miles was way faster than I intended, but I felt fine and my legs were able to manage so I guess it worked out. Overall the LR went well and I came back to have a way more awesome run than Thursday. Yay!

So I’m a bit of a slacker this past week on the bike. Those miles may stay a bit lower (10-15) as my running mileage kicks up. As I mentioned above, the first 4 weeks of training were pretty much awesome. While I wanted the trend to continue, realism says that eventually I had to have a bad day or workout. So even though I would have preferred it not be one of the targeted workouts, the fast is it was.

After training for my first marathon, I had to accept that there would just be days that sucked and days I potentially didn’t complete the workouts. It happens. 4 months (18 weeks in my case) is a really long time to go without any bad runs. So this time, my mentality was that it would happen (which it did). It sucked, but after it was over with I could re-focus on having another few weeks of awesome running. Remember to try to be positive!

As a note, I’ll be out of town starting this Friday so updates while I’m gone will be a bit slower coming out. I will also attempt to be better at taking pictures. But training will continue & I’ll make sure to write when I can. Keep it up!


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