MCM Training: Week 8/18

Back on regular schedule. And week 8/18 done! That’s practically halfway through training (if you don’t count the taper weeks haha).

Total Miles: 53

Tempo: 7.03 miles

5 pace miles @ 8:19, 8:16, 8:17, 8:15, 8:10

Spent the warm up mile getting myself into a reasonable pace. Once I started the pace miles, I was able to settle in well and hardly had to check my watch. I admit to getting distracted a couple times so I lost pace when that happened, but generally only for a few seconds and then I was able to get back where I needed to be.

Intervals: 6.73 miles

7x800m – 3:28, 3:28, 3:29, 3:33, 3:27, 3:28, 3:22

I had hydrated well and felt good for this one (except for the fact that I was starving). Had my coach pacing with me so the first few were easy. The actual number of repeats didn’t seem too bad, except for the last one. And I think that’s mostly because I just wanted to be done. I’ll have to be more careful about having a pre-workout snack as these workouts get longer. I will admit it was nice to not be the only one running at my pace 🙂

Long Run: 20.09 miles @ 9:05 pace

Woohoo!! This one went awesome. The 9 people starting early pushed a bit fast the first loop, so I hung back the second and pretty much stayed around 9:05. Took me that long to really wake up. Had fun running with 2 of the girls for the last 12 miles. I admit to choosing at times to just hang with them even though the pace may have slowed down just so I could hang out and chat.  I guess that worked out though because if I hadn’t had those few slow miles, my average would have been a good bit lower. I felt good for this – didn’t start feeling my calf muscles until the last 1.5 and probably only because the water stop was likely longer than it needed to be. I was on point with hydration, e-caps, and fuel which I think made a difference.

Another good week of training. I think I’ve pretty much picked out the fuels and stuff I like best for this training cycle (sports beans, honey stinger gels, and Nuun!). Which has made it easier for me to be on top of the workouts and recover well from day to day. As they get longer it gets a bit more difficult, but nothing too bad at the moment. Just the occasional lazy day where I have to guilt trip myself into running. Usually on easy/recovery days. Also in probably 2-3 weeks I’ll be looking to get my next two pairs of shoes as both of these have broken the 300 mile mark and I’m beginning to feel the wear a bit. So that’s about it. Now for a semi-step back week!


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