MCM Training: Week 17/18

Annnnnnnddddddd it’s almost time! Now instead of worrying about other things, I can worry about packing and forgetting stuff! That’s 17/18 out of the way.

mcm - 1 week

Total Miles: 41

Hills: 7.22 miles

6×1.0mi – 8:04, 7:57, 7:54, 7:56, 7:56, 7:56

Less miles doesn’t mean less effort! Especially since I had to work off that ice cream I ate after lunch. Oops.

Intervals: 7.12 miles

7×800 – 3:29, 3:26, 3:28, 3:25, 3:27, 3:28, 3:15

Closing up the speed work for this training cycle, and not too shabby on the consistency this time. Early AM run with 2 others who are different paces, so these were on my own. Wasn’t sure if I’d pull the last one in faster but managed. It felt good and not too difficult.

Long Run: 10.51 miles @ 8:17 pace

If you can even call it a long run after the last 4 months of training. Felt good the whole way and like I was barely trying as conversation was easy. Hoofed it in to simulate race day strategy.

Now it’s just taking it easy in to race day. Less than a week to go! Except, ugh, packing.


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