T-Minus 24 Hours & Tracking Info

Just to be clear, I am already in D.C, and it is COLD! With that out of the way, it is less than 24 hours to the Marine Corps Marathon. Actually, in 24 hours from now I’ll have finished (I hope) and be celebrating a race completed.

100_4262I’ve been in D.C. since Friday morning when I flew in and headed out to the race expo. Bib was acquired, friends were seen, and lots of things were bought at the many vendors. It was fun, if tiring, and I spent way more money than I originally planned but that’s okay.

Just have to say, it’s that official race gear that’s the really pricey stuff. Most of the vendors have small discounts from their usual stores/prices because it’s an expo.

bibSo here it is! My bib number (and the official jacket) for anyone interested in tracking my progress. Of course, I’ll be posting my official report of the race later to include my finish. This is for any who may be up and about tomorrow morning and want to check how I’m doing.

The conditions are looking excellent. Early morning temps in the high 30s and finish temps in the mid- to high- 50s. Maybe not my favorite for being a tourist, but fantastic for running a marathon.

Training went very well, so I have faith a good race will follow. Here we go!


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