Race Decisions & Time Off

I didn’t broadcast it, but I had been throwing around the idea of running the Jacksonville Marathon on December 29th.

My original thought process was that I could come off the half at the end of November and get a couple weeks of hard, high mileage training. Maybe about 2 weeks of good work in and then slip into taper with the intent to try and beat my MCM time at Jax. I say this because Jacksonville is supposedly a flat and fast course, a small race, and generally has good running weather.

The first week of December I got in a good 45 mile week, but caught a mild cold going into the second week. After pretty much getting no miles in, I made the executive decision to nix Jax for the full, and a few days later, the half as well.

As I was reminded, I’d basically been training with no time off for well over 6 months. There were rest days, but nothing really under 1-2 days off and 35 miles minimum a week . After deciding I couldn’t tackle another marathon the way I would want (which would be chasing a better time, not just for fun) it really settled on me that it was the best decision.

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve just been running casually. Nothing longer than 10 miles and spread out with more days off. Pretty much just letting my body relax and recover from a hard year of running.

I’m super happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish this year, even if half of it was spent rebuilding myself as a runner. But sometimes it’s making the decision to back off and let your body just enjoy being in good health. So while I may pick up anything from a 5K to a 5 miler in the next week just for fun, no major plans at the moment.

Take this as some friendly advice: taking a break from training to just enjoy life and maybe run can do a lot to keep your body and motivation going. Plus, I definitely don’t want any injuries since I plan to have an awesome spring season of running too.

So I’ll relax until after the new year when I can start tackling the build up for Ragnar and a potential ultra challenge for Gasparilla. Are your spring racing plans already set?


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