Joint Pain & Being MIA

I don’t know if I’d call it a mini-hiatus considering I’ve already been MIA for a bit. But still, I’ll lay out the current on-goings.

Joint pain sucks.

As some of you may remember, I can blame my family for not so great genetics. Bad joints, especially the knees, is pretty common for us. And mine are already in a bad way. Normally it’s not too much of a problem. I do exercises from my physical therapist and am not afraid to apply ice.

For whatever reason, my knee joints have been exceptionally painful the past 2 weeks. Even with low mileage and a bit of cross training. So may just take time completely off and lounge out in the pool (that’s not at all good for swimming laps).

No races on the calendar.

Still, I guess it works out since I don’t actually have any races on my calendar yet. The plan is pretty much to take it easy this year. Depending on how well I can ease back into more moderate mileage (30-40 miles per week), I may pick up a few fall/winter half marathons.

At the moment, the only real “racing” I’m considering is picking up my first triathlon. There’s a very popular sprint that’s known for first time racers at the end of July. Since the training necessary to complete a sprint isn’t too much, may just try it.

The point is…

What I’m not really hinting at is that unless I do sign up for that triathlon, there’s not much happening to blog about. Madness with the family aside, I’m not racing myself and I’ve even been slacking at spectating.

That said, I may make a list of worthwhile topics that aren’t racing or training related (at least directly) and space them out across the next few months. If you don’t see any posts, don’t be surprised. I’m still around, just not doing anything worth writing about.

Except maybe scuba diving.


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