Setting Reminders: Boston Registration

In case you missed it, the Boston Athletics Association announced the dates registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon will begin. Set your reminders for September 8th and keep an eye on their website. That will be the first day of a rolling registration, where runners who beat their qualifying time by 20 minutes or more can sign up.

For the slower individuals like myself, registration isn’t likely to start until the next week on September 15th. My fingers are definitely crossed that I’ll make it in, as I have a 90+ second cushion.

The nice part about the timing is I’m just getting back to it again. That means not quite 3 months to get back into running shape. Then, the running gods working in my favor, I’ll have 3 months to get into training shape before I jump into full on marathon training.

As a complete side note, hotels for the Boston Marathon weekend are crazy!! Super glad some friends recommended going ahead and reserving rooms, just in case. For all of you who are holding your breaths with me to get into Boston, we don’t have too much longer to wait. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Setting Reminders: Boston Registration

  1. I ran this year, and of course the field was increased for 2014 to accommodate the higher number of applicants plus those who weren’t able to finish in 2013. I used my Chicago Marathon time from October 2012, which gave me a 1:54 second cushion, and the cut-off ended up being -1:37 under BQ. Made it by 17 seconds!! I ran a faster marathon after that, which allowed me to improve my start corral at Boston. Even though the field size will be back closer to normal again, I am hopeful your -1:30 will be sufficient. Good move reserving your room. I had mine over a year in advance!

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