A New Year & New Goals

Welcome to 2016!

2015 was an exciting year, running my first Boston Marathon and then following it up like a ridiculous person with another marathon barely 5 weeks later. While enjoyable, it did set me back a bit in regards to how my knees felt and slowed me down a bit more than I was expecting. Luckily, with no other races planned I kept it light until the end of September with a half marathon. Then I kept with the time off.

Well the madness of the end of the year is gone and I’m back at it. No races on the schedule and nothing planned besides adding exercise back into my routine, including regular strength training and more variety of activities like hiking.

I am browsing around for some races, mostly half marathons though I am considering a marathon closer to fall. Plus our North American offices got FitBits and are now doing inter-office competitions. So yay, incentive!

In the meantime, around the ridiculous rain that’s been practically 5 days a week, I’m hiking on the weekends and getting runs in when I can. Better progress updates are planned this year compared to last. And I do have goals. I definitely want another marathon with a hopeful aim towards that elusive 3:30. Plus I plan to get my fitness level back up to standard so I can start chasing new PRs in the half (sub 1:35) and 5K (sub 21).

Plus I’ve already started drafting up a post about some new gear for hiking, couple new pairs of shoes, and short looks at a few of the parks I’ve been to in the last few weeks. Cheers!


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