Another Adventure Begins in a New State

In a ridiculous amount of irony, every time I commit to posting more my life takes a turn for the crazier.

Since I last posted, I’ve taken  a new job, moved partway across the country (again), and gotten myself settled in a totally awesome and new place. Surprise! This one I think will be to my writing advantage this time.

My new job is with Backflip Studios, still in the gaming space. The best part? It’s based in Boulder, Colorado!


As I type this, I’ve just had an after work run with some of my new colleagues & out here, it feels like the possibilities are endless. (Looks that way too when you have the very majestic Rocky Mountains as your backdrop every day.)

There’s running (and many, many running groups), hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and less than 2 hours to some great ski locations (when it’s cold). Plus, while it may suck now as I get used to it, living and training at elevation (~5,400 ft!) is going to be great down the road!

When it’s all said and done, I am super excited with this turn my life has taken and already looking forward to the adventures on the horizon. This blog may just grow to be way more multi-sport, as I definitely want to chronicle attempts at new sports. Half the hilarity is when you fai- ahem, I mean stumble!

Before I get too distracted by all of that, I will say that I have a couple of posts that were never published or not quite completed from the past 3-4 months. So expect to see a few of those go live in the meantime.

New adventures await!



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