Gear for Health & Safety

***Currently out of date***

A little bit about some of the stuff that helps me run. All you really need is a pair of shoes, but I’ve picked up a bit more than that along the way.

#1 most important item: the shoes.

Shoes can easily make or break a runner. And I mean break in a bad way. The wrong shoes can cause all kinds of problems, but luckily, I already know the brands and kinds that work best for me (though I’m not afraid to try newer ones).

#2 items: Safety gear!

Always important to be careful with crazy drivers and bikers all around. I choose a lighter vest, instead of the regular full torso ones, to reduce the amount I’m wearing. The head lamp? Easy to find in camping gear to make sure not only that I can see where I’m going during early morning runs, but that others can see me.

#3 items: The non-essential essential things.

There are plenty of other useful items. Things like Body Glide, something that looks like a mini-deodorant but helps prevent chafing. Muscle rubs like Icy-Hot. A good watch (or smartphone!) though I prefer to stick to speedometer/GPS watches like my current Garmin Forerunner 220 or my old & trusty Garmin 305.

A good item I recommend is a RoadID which is a wristband you customize when you buy. Normally, it includes information like your name, who to contact in an emergency (plus numbers!) and if there’s any medical problems of concern. If I should ever get hit by a car or in some kind of accident in which I can’t speak for myself, my RoadID should be able to speak for me. I highly suggest any athlete or person taking part in regular exercise get one just in case.

That’s the bulk of it, though you can get way more and way more technical. Now I’ll just leave this here…

A gallery of the old shoes:


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